Trail 396 mountain bike trail in Prescott, Arizona

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Trail 396 mountain bike trail in Prescott, Arizona

MILES:  10

DIFFICULTY:  Easy with moderate climbing in a few spots

If you are looking for that perfect mountain bike trail to get out of the Phoenix heat, load up the bike and head out to Prescott, Arizona.  Prescott is about 90 minutes out of Phoenix and has some of the nicest mountain bike trails in the State with single track, lake views, cool weather and pine trees. About 6 miles outside of Prescott on the Senator Highway, about a quarter mile just past the entrance to Goldwater Lake, you will see a small parking lot to your left.  Park here, cross the road and start out on the famous Trail 396.  This is a great trail for experienced and non-experienced riders that offers smooth single track through the pines, with several spots to stop and enjoy the scenic surroundings of pine trees, Goldwater Lake and Lower Goldwater Lake that you can only get to from the trail.

Don’t let the short distance fool you (you can always do it twice).  The trail can get a bit narrow in a few spots, and after about the first mile you will start to do some climbing, but the trail is perfect for new and intermediate riders.  The trail is only about 3.5 miles from the start of Senator Highway, but you can continue on, once you hit the campground on the other site.  The first mile and a half are pretty smooth and non-technical, but the last 2 miles will get your heart pumping with some pretty good climbs that even an experienced rider will appreciate.  After about 2 miles from the Senator Highway you will find a small little pond, waterfall and meadow, which is a great place to stop and take a break.  Look out for other riders, as the trail can get pretty busy on weekends, but when the trail is busy on weekends and you still see the locals out there, you know there is a good reason for it, and there is….This trail is Awesome… One of the best you will find out here.

After a good day on the trail, or two or three different laps on the trail, historic Prescott offers great food and drinks at the historic town square and Whiskey Row.


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