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Lost Dog Trail & Taliesin Lookout Mountian Bike Trail

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Lost Dog Trail & Taliesin Lookout Mountian Bike Trail

Miles:  9

Difficulty:  Moderate to Difficult

This is a fun quick little mountain bike trail that runs right through the middle of Mcdowell Mountain Ranch Community (my favorite real estate and homes for sale in Scottsdale).

Start at the Paradise Trail Head (or connect through the back side of the Windgate Trail Center, and take Paradise Trail back to Lost Dog Trail (which is directly behind Cimarron Hills).  Follow the Lost Dog Trail all the way up to the Taliesin lookout for great views of the entire city of Scottsdale.  The trail can be a bit rocky, but the climb is not too long and is manageable and very well marked.  Clip in and get ready for a bumpy bone rattling ride down.

You can stay on the Lost Dog Trail all the way back to the Lost Dog trail head on the other side of the Mcdowell Mountains and from there have access to other great trails, such as Sunrise and Ringtail.  These are fun trails, but will require a bit more time.  Bring water!

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Windgate mountain bike trail

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Windgate mountain bike trail

Miles:  About 8 (but can be extended as long as you want)

Difficulty:  Moderate (watch for hikers)

Why live in Scottsdale?  The summers are brutal, and you have to learn to deal with a bit of snobbery at times, but after going to Windgate Trail head, you will understand.  Windgate Trail Center is tucked away right between DC Ranch, Silverleaf and McDowell Mountain Ranch (some of the most expensive real estate in the area).  From the trail center you can connect to hiking and some of the best mountain biking in the State.

From the trail center you can head down Desert Park to Windgate Pass (about 3.5 miles) with some amazing views of the Sonoran Preserve and also of some of the most expensive real estate in Phoenix.  Desert Park trail is not to difficult and will wind through some great single tracks and small climbs.  Follow this until you reach the first summit where the trail connects to Windgate Pass, and then you can make the decision of going up to the Windgate Pass (another 1.5 miles of serious climbing), or head back dow Windgate Trail back to the trail center.  If you are feeling adventurous or suicidal, you can actually go over Windgate Pass and connect to Pemberton Trail (but remember you have to come back over the summit also).

Follow Windgate Pass back down to the Windgate trail and climb up to the Windgate Trail saddle for some truly amazing views of Scottsdale.

Watch out for hikers on weekends (they are everywhere).

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