Scottsdale Sonoran Preserve Desert Park and Windgate Trail

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Scottsdale Sonoran Preserve Desert Park and Windgate Trail

Miles:  12

Difficulty:  Easy to Moderate

Looking for an amazing trail out on the mountain bike?  Start here!  Begin the trail at the Mcdowell Mountain Sonoran Preserve Windgate Trail center and from here take your choice on getting up the hill.  I started along Desert Park Trail in the video below and rode out through DC Ranch and Silverleaf to see some of the priciest real estate for sale in North Scottsdale.  Follow Desert Park through some flat and scenic trails (million dollar views and houses surround you) and you will go under the road and end up at the park with a nice lake if you want to take a quick  pit stop.  Continue up Desert Park Trail (under the next bridge) and the start heading up the Mcdowell Mountains.  You will stay on this gradual climb for about 3.5 more miles until you eventually get to the connection to Windgate Trail.  From here, check out some awesome views of North Scottsdale.  Continue up the trail to Inspiration Point or up to Windgate Pass to get up and over the mountain and connect over to Pemberton mountain bike trail in Fountain Hills if you are feeling adventurous and full of energy (you will need it to get back over the mountain remember).  Beware – do this on a weekend and you are playing “Frogger” the entire way back down to the Windgate Trail Head.

From Windgate Pass saddle to Inspiration point it starts getting rocky and steep so get your granny gear ready.  If you don’t feel like making the rock climb, keep going on Windgate Trail and connect back over to the trail center and for some extra distance, keep going around Windgage trail for about 2 miles or so and you will eventually see a sign that will connect over to Paradise Trail.  You can take Paradise Trail over to Taliesen and Lost Dog if you are looking for extra mileage and can’t get your fix for rock climbing.


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  1. Wow! Beautiful scenery and great photography. Can’t wait to bike that trail!

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