Mountain Bike Trails – Fountain Hills – Pemberton Competitive Tracks

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Mountain Bike Trails – Fountain Hills – Pemberton Competitive Tracks

Difficulty:  Easy to Technical (great for all skills)

Distance:  Three Loops (Sport Loop – 3 miles, Technical Loop – 4 miles, and Long Loop – 8 miles) 

Every time I go out to Fountain Hills to do some mountain biking on Pemberton Trail, I discover new variations and trails.  I have always heard how good the competitive loop trails are out at Pemberton, but how can I try something new, when the trails I have come to know and love are so great!  Well, due to time constraints today, I was forced to go for a shorter trail, so it seemed the perfect day to try these out.  Oh, have I been missing out!  These trails are fantastic and I can see why so many people rave about them!  I started out on the sport loop, after the park ranger told me that this is absolutely the best trail out at Pemberton.  I now can’t say I disagree.  It is not too challenging, and it is short (only 3 miles), but I don’t know that I can disagree with him, and this could very well be the best three miles of trail in the park!

After checking out the sport loop, we headed over to the long loop (8 miles).  This is another fantastic trail with a good mix of fast single track, beautiful scenery of the Mcdowell Mountains, and a few good climbs and drops (nothing too technical).   There are a couple spots that can scare off a newbie, and one of the riders while on the trail proceeded to tell us that he was airlifted off of the trail last year after hitting some soft soil on a descent.  Don’t let it scare you, as you will be disappointed after riding this trail that you did not do it sooner (that’s how I felt anyway).  He went on to say after this that he lives in Fountain Hills and as soon as his collar bone healed, this was the first place he brought the bike back out to.  I can see why people love living in Fountain Hills.  The houses and real estate is beautiful with awesome scenic views.

I can now officially say that my new favorite trails in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Fountain Hills are the competitive tracks.  The best area in the state for mountain biking just got better, but tons of other riders already know this.

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